Emacs 25.1 obsoletes a variable isearch-word and recommends to use the new isearch-regexp-function instead. Because Emacs 24 does not have the new variable, I can't just replace it like:

(if isearch-regexp-function

What's the best way to support both Emacs 24 and Emacs 25?

I don't want to just suppress the warning with with-no-warnings, which is already answered here: "How to avoid obsolete warning when defining a compatibility alias?"

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Use boundp to test for the variable's existence:

(boundp SYMBOL)

Return t if SYMBOL's value is not void. Note that if lexical-binding is in effect, this refers to the global value outside of any lexical scope.


(if (boundp 'isearch-regexp-function)
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    doesn't the bytecompiler warn you still if you have isearch-word in the else form? Feb 6, 2016 at 2:59

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