I use evil (via spacemacs) and I want to insert a time stamp at the end of the current line in org-mode. Alas the end-of-line in evil normal mode is not the same as in vanilla emacs, so that pressing $ and then calling org-time-stamp-inactive inserts the timestamp before the last character in that line.

I can work around this by switching into emacs mode first, but this is unsatisfactory, because in emacs mode I have entirely different key bindings, whereas I try to fully embrace the spacemacs evil defaults.

Any suggestions how to handle this? Perhaps a way to move the cursor one character further in normal mode? A command prefix that forces the execution of the following command at the "true" end of line while not moving the point at all?

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Evil has not one, but two settings to customize the behaviour of point at EOL:

  • evil-move-beyond-eol decides whether movement beyond EOL is possible at all. When set to t, you can move towards it, but things like i or a will still put cursor back after exiting insert state.
  • evil-move-cursor-back is a superset of the above as it disables moving cursor back, both after normal movement commands and after exiting insert state. If you're after more Emacs-like behaviour, set it to nil.

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