I would like to have an agenda view that would contain all TODO entries that do not have timestamps associated with them.

From Org info i found that variables org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date and org-agenda-todo-ignore-timestamp are provided for that purpose. However, i would like to keep original "all TODO entries in org-agenda-files" view intact.

How can i achieve that?


In my set-up I have the following customization

    (("d" "Undated tasks" alltodo ""
      ((org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date t))))))

which makes C-a d give me a list of tasks that have no date. Here is the customization buffer version of this:

Org Agenda Custom Commands:
INS DEL Choice: Value Menu Single command:
            Access Key(s) : d
            [X] Description: Undated tasks
            Choice: Value Menu TODO list
            Match (only for some commands): 
            Local settings for this command.  Remember to quote values:
            INS DEL Setting: Value Menu Any variable:
                        Variable: org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date
                        Value (sexp): t
            [ ] Export:
    State : SAVED and set.

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