It says emacs/bin/emacs.exe. If it's not necesarily useful, I'd like to stop it from starting with emacs. The extra window is messing me up a bit.

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Instead of opening emacs.exe directly, open runemacs.exe. This will open Emacs without the extra window in the background.

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    The Windows installer for Emacs actually creates the shortcut to Emacs as runemacs.exe, yet the cmd.exe window still opens at launch time.
    – dennismayr
    Oct 6, 2021 at 16:07
  • However, if you pin runemacs.exe to taskbar, clicking it will open a separate emacs item in taskbar, not overlaying. Overall I don't understand why the hassle of creating that cmd window in the first place.
    – Alex
    Mar 4 at 0:00

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