I installed AUCTeX through the package interface. This pulled version 11.89 from ELPA. Before that, I was running a version of AUCTeX provided by my operating system (Ubuntu 12.04), which is 11.87. After restarting Emacs to ensure I was using the new version, switching to (La)TeX mode fails with the error

File mode specification error: (invalid-function TeX-auto-add-type)

I have no reference to TeX-auto-add-type in my init file, so what's going on?


Explanation: In version 11.87, TeX-auto-add-type was a function. In version 11.88 (since commit f4d3f2840e8f448a329b223c081bce556eb6ca67, TeX-auto-add-type became a macro. My understanding is that during the installation of the newer version in a live Emacs, the function was loaded, and the byte compiler picked up the function. After restarting Emacs, there was no function, only a macro, but the bytecode refered to the function, hence the error. It's unclear to me whether this is due to a bug in AUCTeX or a lack of robustness in byte compilation in Emacs in general.

Fix: to recompile the bytecode now that the function is no longer present in memory. This can be done by uninstalling the auctex package and reinstalling. Alternatively, remove the bytecode files ~/.emacs.d/elpa/auctex-11.89.1/*.elc (adjust for your AUCTeX version) (open the directory in Dired, % m \.elc RET D yes RET) and recompile them (M-0 M-x byte-recompile-directory — you need the prefix argument 0 to recompile all the files even though the no .elc file is present).

Note: This problem can be avoided by not performing the package installation in a live Emacs, but in a dedicated instance. Generally speaking, performing package installations in an instance of Emacs just for that task is safer.

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