I'm using bookmarks+ and smart modeline and have gone some way to styling the modeline and the Bookmark List buffer. I'd like to change the appearance of the modeline message "sorting turned OFF" in that buffer too. Currently it looks like:

Bookmark list buffer modeline

Which does not match the modeline faces. Looking through the list of display faces it seems to be similar to the bmkp-heading face? Can anyone enlighten me on which faces or settings control the display of this text message?



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The relevant Bookmark+ code is in functions bmkp-bmenu-mode-line-string (which creates the string, with its faces) and bmkp-bmenu-mode-line (which displays that in the mode-line), in file bookmark+-bmu.el.

In the first of these functions you will see that the faces used are (1) bmkp-heading (for the sorting... information) and (2) one or more of these faces (for the mark counts):

  • bmkp->-mark
  • bmkp-D-mark
  • bmkp-t-mark
  • bmkp-a-mark
  • bmkp-X-mark
  • bmkp-*-mark

That is, the counters that tell you the numbers of each kind of mark (>, D, t, a, X, and *) use the same faces in the mode-line as do those markers in the listing: the counter for marker > uses the same face as marker >, etc.

You can customize any of the faces, of course.

(Note too that M-x list-faces-display can be helpful in identifying faces in places where you cannot easily put point and use C-u C-x =.)


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