I've got er/expand-region behaving very strangely and I don't understand what I did wrong (besides upgrading to Emacs 25.1.50).

If I've got this in an elisp file:

(defun foo (p) (* 2 2) p)

(that piece of code is just an example)

and I'm on the asterisk and start doing expand-region I get:

  • "*"(OK)
  • "* 2 2" (OK)
  • "* 2 2)" (WRONG)
  • "(* 2 2)" (kinda OK I guess)
  • "(* 2 2) p)" (WRONG)
  • "(defun foo (p) (* 2 2) p)" (kinda OK I guess)

I've got the exact same problem with Clojure files.

Previously er/expand-region used to select things in between matching parenthesis. The problem is that now I need more keypresses to select what I want and I keep ending up with unbalanced elisp / Clojure code because I cut/kill non-balanced pieces of code.

I tried both calling er/expand-region using the shortcut or calling it manually: same result. From my testing it looks like, say, when in Clojure the clojure-mode-expansion list is used etc.

I'm not familiar at all with how er/expand-region works internally but it's as if something was called before er/mark-inside-pairs and er/mark-outside-pairs and that that thing was matching the right parenthesis.

Any idea as to what went wrong and how I could fix this?

I tried both my old er/expand-region and the latest ELPA one.

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    I am on the latest version of emacs-25 dev branch but I cannot replicate what you are seeing; my expansion proceeds in this order: "*", "* 2 2", "(* 2 2)", "defun foo (p) (* 2 2) p", "(defun foo (p) (* 2 2) p)". Feb 25, 2016 at 17:55
  • @Kaushal Modi: thank you very much for trying, it's exactly how it behaved for me previously (I was on Emacs 25.0.50, not 25.1.50 previously). I'll keep trying to make it work: I have not idea what went wrong. I'll delete / re-install and try several versions (I'll see what I kind find on melpa, melpa-stable, try with my old Emacs [which I still have working in another user directory], etc.). Feb 25, 2016 at 18:45
  • @Kaushal Modi: actually I love expand-region and I'm so used to it working in the way/order you described that I keep making mistakes now that it's doing "weird non balanced expands" :-/ Feb 25, 2016 at 18:46
  • First try it in an emacs -Q session .. In that session, load just this one package and see if you can recreate the same problem with er/expand-region. Most likely it will work fine and then you would need to bisect your init.el to find the culprit. Feb 25, 2016 at 18:52
  • Are you using the latest expand-region version from MELPA?
    – user227
    Feb 26, 2016 at 22:12

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I think this is related to some breaking changes in Emacs 25.0.*


I'm still running 25.0.* and solved the problem by installing expand-region from MELPA where a fix to workaround Emacs versions 25+ has been implemented.

Note: Do not use the version (0.10.0) in MELPA stable since it does not work.

  • I am using the latest version of expand-region form Melpa and latest build of emacs from its emacs-25 branch as of today (25.0.93.x) and things are working fine as expected. Apr 29, 2016 at 17:46

The latest official Emacs release is 24.5, and the developer of expand-region is not supporting development versions (i.e., 25+). This is not unreasonable, as there are frequent changes in the Emacs 25 branch that break and un-break expand-region, such as demonstrated in the question here. Keeping up with them would be a big job for little benefit.

Solutions to the problem:

  • stick to an official Emacs release (i.e., 24.5)
  • if you use a development version of Emacs, stick to a specific release that works with expand-region. Test builds of new versions before you replace your old versions
  • I am using the latest version of expand-region form Melpa and latest build of emacs from its emacs-25 branch as of today (25.0.93.x) and things are working fine as expected. Apr 29, 2016 at 17:46

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