I'm running Emacs under PuTTY and this works better then I expected. But since I sometimes use the mouse to focus the PuTTY window, I turned xterm-mouse-mode on. This way the focus in the text changes to where I click.

But now I can't past text into putty anymore. Normally this is done by a right click and then putty sends the copied text. But now Emacs receives a mouse-3 event first.

Is it possible to map mouse-3 to something so that the text after the mouse event is pasted to Emacs?

Here is my current config: https://github.com/r03/dotfiles/blob/master/.emacs.d/init.el

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If mouse reporting is on, then Shift+click is still interpreted by the terminal and not passed to the application. Thus, if a right-click pastes outside Emacs, and a straight right-click is passed through to Emacs, then Shift+right-click should paste in Emacs.

Passthrough of Shift+click can be disabled, check that it's enabled.

This applies to PuTTY and many other terminal emulators. (I think they all follow suit from xterm, as is often the case.)

  • Thanks, I didn't know about shift+right-click. Works perfect.
    – roeland
    Mar 10, 2016 at 20:31

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