I added a custom auto-insert to my init file and reloaded the .emacs file with

M-x load-file

And then later I revised the auto-insert instruction and reloaded. Now I get strange behaviour because I have evaluated two similar auto-inserts. How can I have only the most recent evaluation of my .emacs init file?

In a bit more detail.

I added

(eval-after-load 'autoinsert
  '(define-auto-insert '("\.c\'" . "C \"script\" hack")
  '( "stuff" \n )))

reloaded .emacs file

(eval-after-load 'autoinsert
  '(define-auto-insert '("\.c\'" . "C \"script\" hack")
  '( "other stuff" \n )))

reloaded .emacs file

then I had problems.


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In general, you can't. Your init file is unconstrained in its ability to manipulate the Emacs environment, and there is no such thing as un-evaluating the code you've run. You could write new code which specifically reverses the effects of some particular old code, but only on a case-by-case basis. Restarting Emacs is the only general 'reset switch' there is.

In this instance, however, you have only modified a user option, and those do remember their original values. Type the following, and use the "Revert..." button to get rid of your unwanted customizations, and then "Apply" the changes.

M-x customize-option RET auto-insert-alist RET

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