this feature would go nicely with emmet mode. With emmet-mode, I can expand



But after i enter something in between first tags. i have to scroll to the right position on moving to next line which is inconvinient.

This lock i'm looking for would do awesome job.

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set-goal-column might be what you're looking for :

set-goal-column is an interactive compiled Lisp function in

It is bound to C-x C-n.

(set-goal-column ARG)

Set the current horizontal position as a goal for C-n and C-p.
Those commands will move to this position in the line moved to
rather than trying to keep the same horizontal position.
With a non-nil argument ARG, clears out the goal column
so that C-n and C-p resume vertical motion.
The goal column is stored in the variable `goal-column'.

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