When exporting source code blocks in Org 8.2.10 to HTML, some programming languages (e.g. Java) display the language name on hover, like so:

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But for other languages (e.g. Common Lisp), no name displays on hover.

enter image description here

Is this expected behavior, or a bug?


Those lines in ox-html.el cause (among others) the hovering "Java" tag:

pre.src:hover:before { display: inline;}
pre.src-sh:before    { content: 'sh'; }
pre.src-bash:before  { content: 'sh'; }
pre.src-emacs-lisp:before { content: 'Emacs Lisp'; }
pre.src-R:before     { content: 'R'; }
pre.src-perl:before  { content: 'Perl'; }
pre.src-java:before  { content: 'Java'; }
pre.src-sql:before   { content: 'SQL'; }

Those are all languages defined, there is no "Lisp" or "Common Lisp".

When you test-add the line

pre.src-lisp:before {content: 'Common Lisp'; }

to the exported CSS file, you'll see a "Common Lisp" hover.

I wouldn't classify this as a bug, though you're right, a language name ought to be displayed for supported babel languages.

  • Thanks, I've filed a bug report, even though it's not a "bug" (more of an omission). – Tianxiang Xiong Mar 11 '16 at 21:21

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