I'm trying to map F5 to compile from a parent directory of the current buffer.

Emacs compile-command find makefile in superior directory provides an excellent answer to achieve this:

(defun compile-project ()
  (let* ((make-directory (locate-dominating-file (buffer-file-name)
          (command (concat "make -k -C "
                           (shell-quote-argument make-directory))))
  (compile command)))

(global-set-key (kbd "<f5>") 'compile-project)

Besides, C/C++ Development Environment for Emacs describes a way such that F5 does not prompt for the compile command every time, but if a prefix argument C-u is provided, then compile prompts for a compile command:

(global-set-key (kbd "<f5>") (lambda ()
                               (setq-local compilation-read-command nil)
                               (call-interactively 'compile)))

Question: How can I modify the compile-project function, so that when a prefix command C-u is provided, it shows the compilation command in the mini-buffer, including a default command of make -k -C ... generated by the body of let*?


I think that you almost had it. I modified your original compile-project as follows:

(defun compile-project ()
  (let* ((mk-dir (locate-dominating-file (buffer-file-name) "Makefile"))
         (compile-command (concat "make -k -C " (shell-quote-argument mk-dir)))
         (compilation-read-command nil))
    (call-interactively 'compile)))

The only real difference is that the compile function reads from compilation-read-command to figure out how to read the compilation command and compile-command. If you set compilation-read-command to nil, compile will use the value of compile-command instead of prompting.

(Also, all of this is available in M-x describe-function compile if you need to look up something more.)

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