I am working with python code on a remote machine using tramp. Once I start the start the remote python shell, the editor window starts to freeze up for around/under a second second at a time, but very frequently. All I am doing is moving around in the code file. It happens with both python and ipython shells.

When this happens messages flash by in the mini-buffer indicating communication with the python shell. Some messages indicate that documentation is being retrieved, even though I am not requesting it. These messages are not recorded in any other buffer like *Messages*.

How can I reduce/stop this?

My .ssh/config already has:

Host *
 ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p
 ControlMaster auto
 ControlPersist yes
 ServerAliveInterval 3
 ServerAliveCountMax 50

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The problem is eldoc. Emacs ships with global-eldoc-mode set to t and eldoc-idle-delay set to 0.5 seconds. If you are moving around in a file you can generate an awful lot of eldoc calls, which can make emacs unusable over slow or multi-hop ssh connections.

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