A friend sent me an email with a JPEG photo in the middle of the text. The picture is so big, most of it is outside the screen and I want to view it with an outside image viewer and not in Gnus. How do I save an image that is included in the email in Gnus, if it's not just an ordinary attachment?

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The command you need is gnus-summary-save-parts. You have an inline image, which implies that you received an HTML mail. An inline image is an instance of a so-called MIME part, where MIME is an Internet standard governing email-related things such as non-text attachments.

To read more on how to work with MIME parts in Gnus, read Gnus manual chapters 3.19 MIME Commands, 4.2 Using MIME, and also EmacsWiki page Mime Types With Gnus.

  • Thanks. When prompted for "Save parts of types:", I answered image/*, and a directory and all the images were extracted and saved there.
    – user30747
    Commented May 23 at 0:39

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