I have been using gocode with emacs and it gives completions of functions. Is there any way to get emacs to show the documentation of those functions in a pop up too. I am using auto-complete with go-mode.

  • go-mode has godoc-at-point, but I'm not sure you can integrate it into auto-complete mode (I'm not doubtful, I simply don't know).
    – wvxvw
    Mar 19 '16 at 14:41

If you use Icicles then you can use C-M-RET (or C-M-mouse-2) to see the full doc string (in *Help*) of any completion candidates. You can use the arrow keys C-M-down and C-M-up to cycle among candidates, showing their doc the same way.

Also, the first line of the doc string is shown in the mode-line, so just cycling among candidates using down etc. shows you that much, at least. (Dunno whether using auto-complete-mode at the same time as Icicles is a problem or is useful.)

See Icicles - Get Help on Completion Candidates.


If you use company-mode (which is preferred by most over autocomplete these days), try company-quickhelp.

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