I want to replace helm-projectile-grep with helm-projectile-ag without using default binding (C-c p s s).

For example if I use helm-projectile-switch-project (C-c p p), then in the helm window I press C-s, then it will invoke helm-projectile-grep, but I want to use helm-projectile-ag instead because it's faster. I don't know what other search action will invoke helm-projectile-grep, but whenever I call the function, I want it to call helm-projectile-ag instead. Is it possible, how can I map it in my .emacs?

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Maybe you can try to redefine helm-projectile-grep to meet your need. In order to avoid confusion, use Advising instead of a plain defun here:

(define-advice helm-projectile-grep (:override (&optional dir) ag)
  (helm-do-ag (or dir (projectile-project-root))))

The define-advice macro was added to Emacs recently, if you don't have it, then use advice-add. Since Emacs can advice a function without know it, you can put this anywhere in your Emacs initialization file.

  • advice seems nice, never heard of it before. Thanks!
    – Ryan
    Commented Mar 24, 2016 at 10:25
  • If you're only after C-c p p you can also change it's behaviour with (helm-delete-action-from-source "Grep in projects C-s'" helm-source-projectile-projects)` and (helm-add-action-to-source "Grep in projects C-s'" 'helm-do-ag helm-source-projectile-projects 4)` Commented Mar 24, 2016 at 15:02

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