I have two files. A main file, say, main.tex which has all the boiler plate and structure, and section.tex, which has content.

Inside main.tex I have \include{section}.

I edit section.tex, because that's where the content is, and so when I use latex-preview-pane-mode it gives an error, because it is trying to compile section.tex which has none of the necessary preamble.

Is there anyway I can point the preview pane towards main.tex, or some other way of achieving what I want: the ability to preview modular latex documents within Emacs? Preferably it would be within a frame, rather than having to open an external application, and updates automatically in the way that latex-preview-pane-mode does.

Otherwise I will have to use a monolithic document once again and use C-c = with reftex, I suppose.

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