I'm using org-contacts as mu4e address book. When I start typing an address in, say, the To: field and press TAB, I get a Helm buffer with possible completions, ordered alphabetically.

Is there any way I can make mu4e/Helm learn which addresses I use most often and order the matches by usage frequency?

  • Package helm-adaptive does this, but it is not well maintained. I haven't tried it, but see this . You'd have to find the name of the helm source responsible for org contacts and add it to the list. I did a lot of googling but couldn't find out myself what its name was. You might be able to find it by doing SPC h d v (describe-variable), typing helm-source-, then searching among the results. - Comment from kbdluv
    – Drew
    Jan 3 '18 at 14:55

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