Is there a way to use ido to select tasks from the org-clock-select-task list? Having to read through the list to find the right task and then look at the number makes me lose my flow :)

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    Since org-clock-select-task does not use a completing-read of any sort, there is not a way to connect it to ido without rolling your own version of the function.
    – nispio
    Mar 30, 2016 at 18:37

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I use the following snippet to select a recently clocked task with ido:

(defun org-clock-in-select ()
  (let (res)
    (dolist (i org-clock-history)
      (org-base-buffer (marker-buffer i))
       (goto-char (marker-position i))
       (push `(,(org-get-heading 'notags) . ,i) res)))))
    (let* ((l (reverse (mapcar 'car res)))
       (task (cdr (assoc (ido-completing-read "Recent Clocks: " l) res))))
      (when task
        (org-base-buffer (marker-buffer task))
       (goto-char (marker-position task))

I eventually expanded this into a package org-mru-clock. This also pre-fills the clock history), and allows using ivy or ido, by setting org-mru-clock-completing-read to whichever completing-read-function you prefer (defaulting to the value of completing-read-function), for example: (setq org-mru-clock-completing-read #'ivy-completing-read).

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