I'm a novice at emacs use in general, and new to spacemacs, so I'm hoping this is just a case of missing a trick or two. I am working in a symlinked app on Mac OSX, not in the terminal.

I have a pretty much stock config of spacemacs, added a few extra layers, in evil-mode. I'm trying to do some work with HTML, using web-mode, and it isn't behaving entirely as described:

If I type <li I get a dropdown menu that completes words, but doesn't complete the open/close tag (is this intended behaviour, or is it supposed to complete your selection if you make one?).

If I type <li></ it will autocomplete properly to <li></li>, matching indicated behaviour. I have tried setting web-mode-tag-auto-close-style to 2 in dotspacemacs/userconfig () per this answer to allow completion at opening tag closure instead of closure tag opening (i.e. <li> --> <li></li>) but have had no luck getting it to work. Am I putting it in the wrong place or using the wrong syntax?

If I type d/s/ as in the example it results in <d/> instead of the indicated <div><span>|</div></span>. Yet if I type d TAB s TAB it produces <d>s</d>| and if I then scroll back to s and hit TAB again, it produces <d><s></s></d> I have not been able to find more detailed information about this function of web-mode, am I using it incorrectly?

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I'm not sure what's going on with (setq web-mode-tag-auto-close-style 2), but you can get auto-closing with </ as you noted, and also with the TAB key via emmet-mode (see below).

Emmet-mode auto-closing

You can get <div>|</div> with either

  • divTAB
  • div>TAB

...but not with <div>TAB


To get the behaviour you want with d/s/, you need to include the following setup code in your config:

(eval-after-load "web-mode"
  '(setq web-mode-enable-auto-expanding t))


Note that the Spacemacs html-layer includes emmet-mode ("zencoding") as well as web-mode, which gives you convenient shortcuts.1

1   The web-mode expanders will change the behaviour of emmet-mode shortcuts slightly, I doubt it will cause any problems.


web-mode-tag-auto-close-style got renamed to web-mode-auto-close-style in this commit https://github.com/fxbois/web-mode/commit/c17be6c4900fdfe4e996552efc39bdff782c6585

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