On running (package-install <some-pkg-name>), I am seeing a long list of messages of the form Checking /some/path/to/a/file. What are these checks that package-install does? How can I exclude certain locations that I see are irrelevant and have no .el files?


This is not package.el. Grepping sources reveals it's bytecomp.el generating that message in byte-recompile-directory. If you consider the usecase of that (interactive) function, it makes a lot of sense to display every directory and subdirectory containing recompilable files: It is typically used during development and Emacs bootstrapping to have an idea what generates warnings and fails compiling cleanly.

Back to package.el. I consider reusing byte-recompile-directory for the installation of a package plain wrong. An user does not care about how lenient the developer of a package has been with regards to warnings and does not need a compilation buffer to pop up at them. It would have been better to reconsider how one would properly solve that usecase and write a better abstraction for it, but that hasn't happened yet. After all, package.el works well enough, save the occasional bug...

If you strongly care about these messages, I recommend discussing it on emacs-devel.

  • I agree that Emacs is over-eagerly invoking byte-recompile-directory. Compilation should be a user decision. It would be OK for package.el to do it optionally.
    – Drew
    Apr 1 '16 at 17:16

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