I have a few different configuration files for Gnus. I don't fully understand best practice here, but I'd like to move them out of my user home directory so that my path is ~/.emacs.d/gnus/gnus, ~/.emacs.d/gnus/profile, etc... how do I configure this?



By default, gnus config is placed in ~/.gnus. You can change this to another value via customize: M-x customize-variable gnus-init-file. Perhaps you'd like to set this to ~/.emacsd/gnus/gnus?

You can load other files from the gnus file, so if you put profile in ~/.emacs.d/gnus/profile, you could add this to gnus:

(add-to-path 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/gnus")
(load "profile")

You could also put that in your init.el file.

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