If I start Spacemacs, I don't see the homescreen. I saw it for a while after my first install, so I think it might be something I've changed it my dotfile. However, the only values I found that seem to match the startup screen should be enabled:

dotspacemacs-startup-banner 'official
dotspacemacs-startup-lists '(recents projects)
dotspacemacs-startup-recent-list-size 5

Is there anything else in my dotfile that could be messing with this? I posted my dotfile for reference at https://gist.github.com/JuanCaicedo/9dd65f7c06618ca0b5409f5dcc18215f

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There is an error in your dotfile:

(define-key evil-motion-state-map [down-mouse-1] 'silence)

should be in the dotspacemacs/user-config function instead of dotspacemacs/user-init function.

dotspacemacs/user-init function is called before any package is actually loaded whereas dotspacemacs/user-config is called after. In your case you need the variable evil-motion-state-map to be defined so you have to put the expression in user-config.

Sometimes due to lazy loading even in dotspacemacs/user-config the variable may not be available, in those cases you have to use the macro eval-after-load or with-eval-after-load (if you are using emacs 24.4+).

To detect the error open the messages buffer with SPC b b mess RET and search for error.

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