I have my classes scheduled using diary style time intervals like this:

* 10:30-13:00 Classes
    <%%(and (diary-block 3 7 2016 6 29 2016) (= 3 (calendar-day-of-week date)) (not (diary-block 3 25 2016 4 1 2016)) (not (calendar-date-equal '(4 6 2016) date)))>

They are shown in agenda correctly like:

school:    10:30-13:00 Classes                                    :tag1:tag2::

I want to count its repetitions and make repetition count visible in agenda view this way (or similar):

school:    (12/23): 10:30-13:00 Classes                           :tag1:tag2::

By the way, this wanted format in agenda is already available when you make an event that extends over few days in a row. So, this:

* Some
  <2016-04-10 sun>--<2016-04-13 wed>

will show up in agenda just like I want:

school:   (3/4):  Some

How to make my classes event show its repetition count in agenda view?


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