I am receiving the above error when trying to compile a LaTeX document in emacs 24.5, using auctex 11.89.3. Previously, I would get either "Run LaTeX again", or "Compiled successfully". This happened after I updated some packages yesterday, and I am unable to fix it. I did not pay attention to which packages were updated, and I also deleted the obsolete packages immediately, so I do not know what is causing this. Any suggestions?


The error you reported was probably triggered by having TeX-error-overview-open-after-TeX-run set to non-nil and TeX-debug-warnings and/or TeX-debug-bad-boxes set to nil.

This should be fixed now in development version of AUCTeX: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=auctex.git;a=commitdiff;h=88fbf8021c7da3c2bf14a646663bd0eb0ccc1448 It'll go live in next ELPA release. If you want to keep TeX-error-overview-open-after-TeX-run set to non-nil, as a workaround (but I find this a good practice in general) you can activate parsing of warnings and bad-boxes:

(setq TeX-debug-warnings t
      TeX-debug-bad-boxes t)

Background on the origin of the error: in AUCTeX 11.89.3 has been introduced the possibility to ignore certain warnings that can be considered too noisy. This is controlled by two options:

  • TeX-ignore-warnings: this controls which warnings should be ignored (usually it's a regexp)
  • TeX-suppress-ignored-warnings: this tells AUCTeX whether to actually ignore those warnings.

In this way one can interactively toggle visibility of ignored warnings with x in TeX error overview (and toggle visibility of all warnings and bad-boxes with w and b, respectively), but this also requires building of the error/warning list to be shown on-the-fly. Instead, before the fix mentioned above TeX sentinels were looking to the static full list of errors and warnings.

  • Thanks. This does solve the problem. I had - TeX-error-overview-open-after-TeX-run non-nil and TeX-debug-warnings as well as TeX-debug-bad-boxes set to nil. I have changed the latter two to non-nil, and now the file compiles fine (though I now have to dismiss the bad-box warnings every time I compile). Hope, this is fixed in the next version.
    – latex_guy
    Apr 14 '16 at 8:50

I noticed the same behaviour after updating AUCTeX to version 11.89.3. As a workaround I disabled the option TeX-error-overview-open-after-TeX-run.

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