In my code I have the following to delimit regions that initiate/end whatevz-mode:

(require 'mmm-mode)
(setq mmm-global-mode 'maybe)

          :submode whatevz-mode
          :front ".*whatevz\(\"\"\""
          :back ".*\"\"\"\)")))

(mmm-add-mode-ext-class 'whatevz-mode nil 'whatevz)

I want to add several possible snippets that delimit whatevz-mode (The above only shows whatevz("""). Do I have to add that to the add-classes above - creating a much more advanced regex - or can I call mmm-add-classes again with another simple regex?

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Yes, the latter is possible. You can have two different add-classes for the same embedded language, but you must name them differently.

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