I am doing a bit of keyboard rebinding and I have found that:

(org-todo "DONE")
(org-todo "TODO")
(org-todo "")

all work, but in the documentation, it says that I should be able to also use the symbols nextset and previousset as such:

(org-todo 'nextset)
(org-todo 'previousset)

I have searched the source code of org-mode.el and some of the require files too, but I cannot find the definition of nextset or previousset.

Below is my code:

(setq org-support-shift-select 'always)

(defun org-mode-todo-done-cycling-replacements ()
  (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "M-9") (lambda ()
                     (org-call-with-arg 'org-todo 'previousset)))
  (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "M-0") 'org-todo))

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'org-mode-todo-done-cycling-replacements)

M-0 works but M-9 does not.

Am I supposed to require a library before? (Org-mode version is 8.3.3).


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If what you want is simply replace the keyword with the next one, (org-todo) does it.

org-todo-keyword can contain several sequences (or sets) of keywords:

org-todo-keywords is a variable defined in `org.el'. Its value is ((sequence "TODO" "DONE"))

Documentation: List of TODO entry keyword sequences and their interpretation. This is a list of sequences.

If I understand correctly, nextset and previousset are intended to select one of these sets. So in your example M-9 does work, it's just by default there's only one set of keywords.

nextset and previousset do not have to be defined anywhere, since they're just symbols.


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