When i use grep in eshell, like 'cat test.txt | grep test', grep opens it's own buffer with the result. Is it possible to capture the output of grep in the eshell buffer?

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In Eshell, grep is a built-in command, which is a lisp function and works like Emacs's M-x grep. To use the external grep command, you need to use *grep instead. If you want to type just grep , you can declare an alias, i.e.,

~ $ alias grep '*grep $*'

The alias here is a built-in command as well, unlike shell's, it creates a persistent alias. If you want to cancel this alias, you have to delete corresponding entry from your eshell-aliases-file manually. Eshell doesn't provide a unalias.

I suggest you consult the Eshell manual, especially (eshell) Built-ins.

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