In the Wolfram language, special characters such as ∂, ∫ and ζ can be displayed nicely in Mathematica and in the source, appear as \[PartialD], \[Integral] and \[Zeta]. In wolfram mode, the special characters are supported through font locking, but otherwise the syntax table does not account for them which is the cause of some bugs since ] is marked as a delimiter (and was reported a while ago).

I wanted to create a pull-request to amend the syntax-table so that \[ and ] are matched delimiters; however, it seems like the syntax table can only allow a single character at a time to be defined, and multiple character sequences are only possible for comments. So is it possible have \[ and ] be matched delimiters?

I also tried looking for a way to tell emacs to treat \[...] as a single "unit" so that the ] at the end doesn't cause new issues; but to be honest I don't really know how to do that.

PS: As far as I know, the elided text inside \[...] always consists of the set [A-Za-z0-9].

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