I am using spacemacs (I don't think it should matter though) mu/mu4e and mbsync

When I use "move to folder" followed by "execute mark", I expect the "movement of message from Inbox to Archive" to be reflected on the IMAP server. But it doesn't :(

The message is "moved" from mu4e interface (I think that means mbsync locally considers the message moved) but this is not reflected on the server.

If I use (setq mu4e-change-filenames-when-moving t) in my .spacemacs there is an appearance of the movement (i.e. Message appears in the Archive folder, but it is a copy. i.e. Message is still in the Inbox and the move created a copy into the Archive folder. I definitely don't want that. So I have commented the above config setting.

I am not even sure whether this is supported.

If yes, how do I fix this ? Pointer to documentation/URL should be OK too.


Edit: Additional info, part of my .mbsyncrc

# Automatically create missing mailboxes, both locally and on the server
Create Both
# Save the synchronization state files in the relevant directory
SyncState *

I am not using gmail. I'm using Zoho IMAP server, if it matters.

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I realize I am answering my own question. But leaving it here so that it is helpful for someone in the future.

It turns out it was a quirk with the IMAP server I was using. (URL in the question)

I had to turn on "Expunge immediately" option in the Server settings for the changes from mu4e to reflect on the server.


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