I see Emacs use #$ in autoload files, but I don't known if there are any difference between #$ and load-file-name. When I use them in a file, they looks like the same and when I print them by M-: they are both nil. So I did some test but only get more confused. Does #$ behave more like __FILE__ in Python?


Ask Emacs.

M-x elisp-index-search RET #$ RET

Internally, the dynamic loading of documentation strings is accomplished by writing compiled files with a special Lisp reader construct, ‘#@COUNT’. This construct skips the next COUNT characters. It also uses the ‘#$’ construct, which stands for “the name of this file, as a string”. Do not use these constructs in Lisp source files; they are not designed to be clear to humans reading the file.

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  • Note that you can do that kind of search when inside an info document by using C-s, entering the term and hitting C-s repeatedly. – wasamasa May 1 '16 at 12:40

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