In ~/.emacs.d/layers/.../any-given-layer there is almost always a README documenting this layer's functionality. Is there a key binding, or function that opens the README associated with a given layer?

I find this necessary because layers bundle functionality from various packages, e.g. a repl package, package for the major mode of the language, snippets, etc., and I often need to reference the README to see what's in the layer and how to use it.

Thanks, chris

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As of May 2016, for develop branch of Spacemacs, the command is helm-spacemacs-help-layers under Space h l (assuming Space is your leader key). It will open a Helm buffer with all layers available in your Spacemacs. Choose a layer, press Enter, and you will end up in the layer's README file.

Also, while still browsing the list of layers in Helm, press Ctrl+z (this switches from list of completions to list of actions) and you can choose another action to do with that layer. E.g. you can open this layer's package.el file.

For stable version 0.105 of Spacemacs you can just call Space h Space (helm-spacemacs), and you'll see the list of layers along other documentation-related entries. You can use Ctrl+z here as well, and you can use Space h Space in develop branch as well.

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