How to fold arbitrary blocks of text?

Something like #BEGIN_SRC org .. but don't edit in another mode... using <language> 'org' doesn't really work, for example, enter on a [[link]] fails. Drawers don't seem to work except after a heading. BEGIN _EXAMPLE, or _VERSE _QUOTE all have issues. I want something like a heading with an end marker (that isn't another header).

whatever text... edit etc the same as all other org text
but allow folding this block 
(and enter on '[[link]]' should still work)
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    There are several hits on Google search for folding an org-mode source code block (including ones that I have previously answered) -- have you looked at any of those previous threads to see if those answer your question? My recollection is that org-mode may also have something built-in to support this.
    – lawlist
    Commented May 5, 2016 at 19:52
  • Just in case it's useful for others: At least in recent versions of emacs (I'm runing 28.2) org-mode will fold arbitrary blocks. e.g #+BEGIN_myblock ... #+END_myblock and stuff inside the block is treated as normal org text.
    – ttb
    Commented Feb 21 at 14:40

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The quote block will do some of what you want. You can get a quote block through the templating system -- type <q, then hit <TAB>, to make a quote block. Quote blocks are foldable and respect org's markup syntax, so links still work. They do get incredibly strange if you try to insert a header inside one, so maybe give that a miss.

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    #+BEGIN_QUOTE ... #+END_QUOTE ... <qTAB is a quick way to create one (I learned 2 new things there). Now I see #+BEGIN_CENTER and #+BEGIN_JUSTIFYLEFT and #+BEGIN_JUSTIFYRIGHT work too (though QUOTE seems best). This is what I wanted.
    – 9mjb
    Commented May 22, 2016 at 20:58

You can use vimish-fold package to achieve arbitrary code folding in any mode in Emacs.

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