I am currently using the diredp-toggle-find-file-reuse-dir feature of Dired+ so that selecting a directory in a dired buffer opens the directory in the current buffer as described here. However, it seems that I only get this "re-use" functionality with <S-down-mouse-2>. Pressing <down-mouse-1> still causes directories to be opened in their own buffer.

I tried doing the (seemingly) obvious thing of setting the key binding directly

(define-key dired-mode-map [down-mouse-1] 'diredp-mouse-find-file-reuse-dir)

but I got strange behavior that basically looked as though I had clicked twice.

What do I need to do so that a single mouse click reuses the current dired buffer when opening a directory?

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(define-key dired-mode-map (kbd "<mouse-2>") 'diredp-mouse-find-file)

If you did C-h k and then clicked mouse-1 on a file or directory it would have told you:

<down-mouse-1> at that spot runs the command mouse-drag-region, which...

<mouse-2> at that spot runs the command dired-mouse-find-file-other-window, which is an interactive Lisp function in dired+.el.

It is bound to <mouse-2>.

(It talks about mouse-2 because that is the binding. But by default option mouse-1-click-follows-link is non-nil. So your mouse-1 acts like mouse-2 on a link. That's vanilla Emacs. And no, the help is not as helpful as it should be.)

Dired+ chooses to have the mouse open stuff in another window, by default. The key binding above will change that. (There are other ways to accomplish the same thing.)

I rolled back your edit. In general, it should be mouse-2 that you bind here, not mouse-1. Links work with mouse-2 clicks. They can additionally work with mouse-1 clicks, if option mouse-1-click-follows-link is non-nil, which it is by default. But the proper key binding is for mouse-2, and the proper way to extend this to mouse-1 is to use the option.

(FWIW, I turn off mouse-1-click-follows-link, because I prefer the original Emacs behavior of mouse-2 (only) for links. I want mouse-1 to always act like mouse-1, even on links. I don't want to have to wait a moment, just to set point in the middle of a link.)

  • Is there a reason that the setup function for reuse-dir doesn't do this automatically in dired+? It seems to be the advertised functionality.
    – nispio
    May 10, 2016 at 22:41
  • Why <mouse-2>? That's not what I'm asking for, and not what I want.
    – nispio
    May 10, 2016 at 22:43
  • See my explanation. If you use non-nil mouse-1-click-follows-link (the default) then it is the option that makes mouse-1 follow links. If you are very unusual (;-)) then you can of course bind mouse-1 here and not have mouse-2 also have the same behavior. My answer is for everyone, and it should also answer your problem. Unless you really want mouse-2 to do something different, just bind mouse-2 here and let the option extend the link-following behavior, as usual, to mouse-1 also.
    – Drew
    May 10, 2016 at 22:50
  • The answer to your first comment is that it does what it says. C-M-R (diredp-toggle-find-file-reuse-dir) acts only on dired-find-file, and diredp-mouse-find-file. It does not act on -other-window commands (e.g. dired-mouse-find-file-other-window).
    – Drew
    May 10, 2016 at 22:55
  • I've updated the doc string of diredp-toggle-find-file-reuse-dir to try to make this more clear.
    – Drew
    May 10, 2016 at 23:58

Existing answer didn't work for me. I had to look other solutions. Emacs: Dired Customization By Xah LeeThis page helped me.

(require 'dired)
(put 'dired-find-alternate-file 'disabled nil)
(define-key dired-mode-map (kbd "<mouse-2>") 'dired-find-alternate-file)

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