I have a StumpWM configuration that loads a file contained in the SLIME package installed through Emacs (swank-loader.lisp). However, problems arise when my SLIME package is updated, because the previous directory is deleted, and my Common Lisp currently looks for a hardcoded path.

Is there a way I could run a hook on package installation to check if the SLIME directory is still valid? Or, more preferably, is there a way I can hook into the installation for the SLIME package specifically and, for example, overwrite a symlink so it always points to the current version? I also use use-package, in case there may be something helpful from that package.

I've considered having the Common Lisp that relies on loading that file try to be smart if it can't find the SLIME package directory (such as looking in the packages directory for "slime-*" or something), but I would rather avoid those kinds of hacks if possible.

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