I installed the magit package via Marmalade. When I run M-x magit-status it takes a long time to run and complete (about 30 seconds). How can I speed this up?


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I installed the magit package via Marmalade.

The magit package on Marmalade is no longer being updated, because the maintainer of Marmalade has stopped actually maintaining it. Before I gave up on Marmalade, I had some technical issues when trying to upload new releases and it was very hard to get the maintainer to help me.

The last release that is available from Marmalade is v2.4.1 but the current release is v2.7.0. Furthermore I believe the manuals are missing from the v2.4.1 tarball available from Marmalade, because Marmalade decided that the original tarball was to large and I had to remove the documentation to make it smaller. Otherwise I would not have been able to upload a new tarball at all.

That was the final straw and I decided to no longer attempt to upload new releases to Marmalade.

I suspect that many other packages also are no longer being updated on Marmalade. While it is still possible to upload new releases and (probably) new packages, that is only the case if you already have a Marmalade account. If you want to create a new account to be able to upload new packages, then you are out of luck - the maintainer does not respond to such (or any other) requests.

Marmalade is dying a slow death and you should move to Melpa or Melpa stable.

How can I speed this up?

Updating to v2.7.0 should help. Performance has improved since v2.4.1.

If that's not enough, then see the info node dedicated to performance issues.

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