In my config file i have the following lines to fix faces for Scala-mode:

(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:lazy-face)
(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:final-face)
(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:private-face)
(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:implicit-face)
(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:abstract-face)
(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:override-face)
(make-face-bold scala-font-lock:sealed-face)

That i would really like to simplify to this:

  (lambda (kw) (make-face-bold (make-symbol (format "scala-font-lock:%s-face" kw))))
  '("final" "private" "implicit" "abstract" "override" "sealed" "lazy"))

But it complains with (error "Invalid face" scala-font-lock:final-face). How can i make it work, i.e refer to the face using constructed string?


(intern "name") returns the interned symbol name

make-symbol returns a new uninterned symbol, which is entirely distinct from the symbol with the face properties.

Refer to C-hig (elisp) Creating Symbols RET

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