Is there a set of tools to enable testing a package on multiple Emacs versions. For example 24.4 is almost released. Can I install it and still safely test my package in 24.1?

  • How would I deal with a conflicting .emacs.d/?

I came across a repo on Github that says

Currently, Names is being supported on the entire Emacs 24 family (24.1–24.4)

And realized I have no idea how to accomplish testing cleanly on multiple Emacs versions.

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There is a good collection of tools for Emacs Lisp testing:

  • evm - Emacs Version Manager.
  • Cask - project management tool for Emacs that helps automate the package development cycle; development, dependencies, testing, building, packaging and more.
  • ert-runner - tool for Emacs projects tested using Ert.
  • ecukes - testing framework for integration testing.
  • Travis CI - continuous integration service.
  • undercover.el - test coverage library for Emacs Lisp.

There is also a lot of useful information about Emacs Lisp testing at Johan Andersson's blog.

  • There is really a lot of useful info in your answer, evm looks great, and for testing I was unaware of undercover.el and Johan Andersson's blog. Thank you.
    – Gambo
    Commented Oct 18, 2014 at 17:27

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