I am trying to somehow use a local variable in org-mode for when I write my R code. So essentially in have this chunk that I want to automatically manage for each file.

#+BEGIN_SRC R :file /Users/ashok/Documents/plots/wtdup.png

in the chunk above I want to be able to replace the value for the :file with a path to the plots folder that could change. So I tried to use the local variable approach as below

## Local Variables:
## mode: org
## plotfolder: "/Users/DataAnalysis/FinalAnalysisMay2016/plots"
## End:

and then replace the :file parameter with

#+BEGIN_SRC R :file (eval 'plotfolder)"/truseq_comp_logcpm_pairwise_wtdup.png"
  pairs.panels(tmpDat.cpm.log[,c(5,7,8,21:23)], )

Now when I evaluate the chunk ( after reverting my buffer to make the local variable active), the result includes only the value of the plotfolder variable and not the concatenated version as I wanted. in this case my results would show up as


but what i really want is


If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can go about this it would be great, since then I can move the same files between machines when I am working on cleaning up the results.

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    (concat plotfolder "/truseq_comp_logcpm_pairwise_wtdup.png") ?
    – phils
    Jun 8, 2016 at 23:08
  • I tried that and I get the "symbols function definition is void" error Jun 9, 2016 at 14:38

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Got it i used the emacs concat function as suggested by @phils above but i had to figure out how it was evaluated. Here is the solution

#+BEGIN_SRC R :file (concat (eval plot folder) "/truseq_comp_logcpm_pairwise_wtdup.png")
  pairs.panels(tmpDat.cpm.log[,c(5,7,8,21:23)], )

To summarize. Say you wanted to specify a variable text in org-mode then in the example above add plotfolder to the local variables as mentioned and then use concat as above to add say prefixes or suffixes

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