I have exactly this org file:

* TODO EAT                                 :home:
** make 
** me
** a
** sandwich
* TODO CODE                                :home:
** make
** me
** code
* TODO SLEEP                                :bed:
** dream with
** dragons
* TODO REPEAT                              :universe:

I want to filter it by tags, so I:

  1. M-x + org-agenda
  2. m
  3. home

Then nothing. As if there wasn't any item tagged with home. Although, as you can see, there is.

I'm I doing something wrong? I can not filter by anything, even the "All TODO's" option displays no items at all.

I really want to get into org-mode. Please help me :(


You are seeing that behavior because that org file needs to be in your agenda (org-agenda-files) if you do an unrestricted match for the agenda. You can specify what files (and directories) to include in your agenda by setting it to a list:

(setq org-agenda-files

Alternatively you can use org-agenda without including files in your agenda by using the dispatcher to restrict the search to the current buffer or subtree (the current file needn't be in org-agenda-files). Type < when you see the dispatcher to cycle among 'unrestricted', 'buffer', and 'subtree'.


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