The emacs command from emacs23-lucid under wheezy honors the

-iconic -xrm '*iconX: 3350' -xrm '*iconY: 300' -xrm '*bitmapIcon: off'

command-line arguments. But emacs from emacs24-gtk under jessie does not. (The version from emacs24-gtk under jessie does handle -geometry but handles it incorrectly, or at least differently than emacs23-lucid under wheezy. It doesn't handle the -5 in -geometry 80x24-5+200 correctly.)

I don't know if this is a gtk-vs-lucid thing, a 23-vs-24 thing, or a wheezy-vs-jessie thing.

I use this to create a panel of small Emacs icons with just the hostnames for all of my machines on my desktop. (I run twm.)

Since the gtk version of Emacs seems to be the future (and some machine that I use only have the gtk version; I can't change that because I don't maintain them), I'd like to migrate to the gtk version.

How does one achieve the equivalent of the above command-line arguments with the gtk version?

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