I'm using iterm2 v3.0.2 with fishs hell and tmux in osx. When I'm opening file via emacsclient and closing buffer - I'm successfully returning to terminal, BUT iterm2 window has no focus, so I have to click on window to gain it. I tested behaviour inside tmux session and outside - the same behaviour.

My command to run emacsclient:

emacsclient -c -a \"\" $argv
  • That sounds more like a problem with your window manager than with Emacs. Maybe you could try a different one? – phils Apr 15 '17 at 21:28

Maybe you can try to switch to your terminal app explicitly when C-x # (server-edit, the command to tell emacsclient that you finish editing):

(add-hook 'server-done-hook
          (defun open-terminal ()
            (shell-command "open -a Terminal")))

You also need to replace Terminal with iTerm since you are using iTerm2, not the built-in Terminal. I don't have iTerm2 installed on my Mac, so I can't try it myself.

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  • nope, didn't helped( – sandric Jun 18 '16 at 17:29

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