Does anyone have a good way to produce LaTeX mathematics matrices from org-mode tables?

I found this thread but it doesn't seem to have a ready-made solution.

This gets me close.

#+LATEX: \begin{equation}
#+LATEX: \begin{matrix}
| a | b |
| c | d |
#+LATEX: \end{matrix}
#+LATEX: \end{equation}

which exports to:

a & b\\
c & d\\

And I only have to take out the tabular and center directives.

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    Could you be more precise as to what you want? If you write a table in an org file and use the export to latex feature, you obtain a latex table. If you are looking for something integrated in latex documents, radio tables might be what you're looking for. orgmode.org/manual/…
    – T. Verron
    Jun 19, 2016 at 14:34
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    Take a look at (info "(org) LaTeX specific attributes"). The following will change your environment: #+attr_latex: :mode math :environment matrix.
    – mutbuerger
    Jun 20, 2016 at 14:46

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Take a look at (info "(org) LaTeX specific attributes"). The following table attributes

#+attr_latex: :mode math :environment matrix
| a | b |
| c | d |

will export a LaTeX matrix in math mode:

 a & b \\
 c & d \\
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    For the sake of completeness: If you wish to give your matrix a name, the way to go is inserting the corresponding string (e.g. "M =") as an argument to :math-prefix in the option list of the table. Figuring this out took me a while, so I hope this saves everyone else some time. Nov 6, 2019 at 13:45

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