This question is surprisingly difficult for me to formulate in a google-able way, but how can I stop eshell from correcting away my asterisks? For example, if I try

$ rm ./*~

to remove auto-saved files in current working directory, eshell removes the statement when I type *, and with some lag, in fact, leaving me with this statement (visible just too late for me to stop myself from executing)

$ rm ~

which is fortunately not as dangerous as it appears. But still, this seems like an accident waiting to happen, so what is exactly happening here, and how can I get it to go away?

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The problem is not Eshell, but company-mode (maybe autocomplete-mode as well, I'm not sure). Try turning company-mode off and see if entering an asterisk (*) still has the same behavior.

This issue is #128 for company-mode on GitHub.

As a workaround, you can enter an asterisk with quoted-insert (C-q by default).


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