Emacs, like any Great Thing, is a journey.

First you start with learning to use C-n and C-p (or j and k in evil) instead of the up and down arrows; then you need to progress to using searches and other more advanced motions.

But you have a problem: your fingers are stuck in their old, inefficient ways! There is a solution though: to ‘undefine’ the more basic key sequences to something really, really annoying!

To what intolerably annoying function would you suggest redefining these basic key sequences? (In order to kick the habit of using them too much?)

(You might include: audio; freezing Emacs; an animation; or something more creative – or a combination of them all!)

  • @Drew; I feel this sort of format works OK with codegolf.se; I meant this as a kind of challenge, where the answers thought to be 'the best' by general consensus would be voted up . . . if this is unacceptable on this site, though, then close the question. – digitalis_ Jun 23 '16 at 15:57

A fairly creative "don't do that" might be to start the tutorial (normally bound to C-h t), as a side benefit it might be useful to reference it at that point. Similarly starting info (C-h i) is an idea. If you want it to be really annoying start one of the hacks from the Other Amusements section of the manual, I particularly like dissociated-press, but the doctor may try to help. YMMV. :-)

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