I have been going through the manual of picture-mode and have been wondering if it's possible to draw a rectangle and connect it with another rectangle or something like that?

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Finally managed to draw some rectangles. These were the steps:

  • Enable picture mode via M-x picture-mode.
  • Write the content that you want to place inside each rectangle.
  • Draw the rectangles by selecting rectangle regions around each piece of text and running the command picture-draw-rectangle (bound to C-c C-r).
  • Now connect them using commands available in artist-mode. Enable artist minor mode via M-x artist-mode.
  • Now go near one rectangle and run the command artist-key-set-point (RET) and then continue to your destination rectangle to connect them and press RET again.

Sample rectangles drawn using that method:

   +------------+           +------------+
   | Rectangle1 |-----------+ Rectangle2 |
   +------------+           +------------+

Would be happy to know if there are any other methods.

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