I use an asynchronous helm source (a process) to query a database and want to use helm search to restrict the matches. Currently I start helm with something like that:

 (helm :sources (helm-build-async-source "query"
               '(("find file" . helm-cc--action-find-files)
                 ("save results in buffer" . helm-cc--action-save-buffer)
                 ("compare" . helm-cc--action-ediff-files)))
    :buffer "*helm async source*"))

And cc-query is not much more than a start-process.

That works so far, however, the query is very very slow and is restarted with each pattern change. Can I avoid this restart?

Note: I use the asynchronous source, because I do not want to wait for the query to be finished.


From Helm's author:

The only way is to suspend update (C-!) at startup, it is useful for example to enter a long regexp and not be annoyed by the constant update each time you enter character. I use it also a lot when debugging.

In other words, there's no way to automatically stop updating the Helm source when the pattern is changed.

  • Hey thanks, that's at least something to work with. And is may be useful for other situations as well. However, I will let the question flagged unanswered for some time. – theldoria Feb 3 '17 at 6:10

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