I'm using elpy with emacs and python3. Here's the relevant part of my .emacs:

(setq elpy-rpc-python-command "python3")
(elpy-use-ipython "ipython3")
(autoload 'jedi:setup "jedi" nil t)
(add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'jedi:setup)
(add-hook 'pyvenv-mode-hook 'jedi:setup)
(setq jedi:setup-keys t)
(setq jedi:complete-on-dot t)

Now, if I create a class in a python file, auto completion works perfectly. Then I try C-c C-c, and the class is loaded up in my ipython buffer, and I can play around with it. So far so good.

Unfortunatly, this is where I really want auto-complete, but my autocomplete experience here is a little unsatisfactory. Out of the box I can use tab to get completions in another window, but I'd like the "on dot popup" I get in python mode. Executuing jedi:setup gives me popups, but it's just builtins, and not my class methods.

How can I get the same auto complete behavior in my ipython rpc buffer as I get in my python editing buffer?

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Elpy doesn't require emacs jedi package. Also they won't work well when both are configured. I guess there is some conflict between them.

Use only elpy and you should be able to get completion in rpc buffer.

I created an empty file with

class Foo:
    this = 2

After sending this to python buffer with C-C C-c, if i switch to python buffer and type Foo. it gives completions.

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