I've just called an interactive function (i.e., a command). I want to call it again, with the same arguments. I know that I can call a keyboard macro again by using e right after running it the first time. Is there something similar regarding interactive functions?

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There is also repeat-complex-command (normally bound to C-x ESC ESC as well as several others (that's the one I use, so I remember that)). This will go back further in the history to the last command that required interaction (i.e. prompted for input).

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You are looking for repeat, bound by default to C-x z. The first part of the docstring:

(repeat REPEAT-ARG)

Repeat most recently executed command. If REPEAT-ARG is non-nil (interactively, with a prefix argument), supply a prefix argument to that command. Otherwise, give the command the same prefix argument it was given before, if any.

If you use evil, you also have access to the beloved dot command from Vim.

  • Nice! Too bad that it repeats any command - just repeated next-line... Jul 12, 2016 at 8:21
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