I have both eldoc and flycheck enabled in a .el buffer. I have a line, eg:

(setq load-dirs (concat emacs-repos-dir "internal"))

Here, load-dirs is underlined by flycheck as an error, but if point is over load-dirs then eldoc will display the definition of 'setq' for about half a second before the flycheck message is printed. How do I reduce this timeout?

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You can change eldoc-idle-delay (default is 0.5) and flycheck-display-errors-delay (default is 0.9). Example:

(setq eldoc-idle-delay 0.1
      flycheck-display-errors-delay 0.2)
  • Hm...interestingly, even though flycheck-display-errors-delay is 0.9, it is showing the error immediatly. Why would this be? Commented Oct 28, 2014 at 14:51

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